The Chorus Pictor Choir

The Chorus Pictor Choir in Täby, Sweden
The Chorus Pictor Choir in Täby, Sweden
Photo: Madeleine Drake af Hagelsrum – March 2019

Chorus Pictor – A Swedish Choir with a long history

Chorus Pictor is a Lutheran choir from Täby Parish north of Stockholm. The name of the choir is inspired by Albertus Pictor’s wall paintings in the old stone church which dates from 1280.

The Chorus Pictor Choir - image from above

Photo: Madeleine Drake af Hagelsrum
Täby Church, February 2019

Erika Alfredsson-Bohlin has conducted the choir since 2017. The Chorus Pictor choir has about 40 singers between the ages of 25 and 60. The Choir’s repertoire is a mixture of both sacred and non-church music including Benjamin Britten, Mozart, Bach, Ola Gjeilo, classical Swedish music and more.

For the York Minster and St Wilfrid’s Harrogate Sankta Lucia tour in December 2019, the Choir included about fifteen younger additional singers, mostly aged between 13 and 20, friends of the choir who regularly sing with other choirs such as Non Silentium. Almost all the youngster choristers have a background from either Täby or Sollentuna Music school, where they have one choir hour every day and an extended curriculum in music.

The Chorus Pictor Choir on tour in Potsdam, Wittenberg and Berlin - May 2019

In May 2019, the Chorus Pictor Choir were on tour in Germany, visiting Potsdam, Wittenberg and Berlin. In 2017 the Täby Church services were recorded for Swedish TV. In recent years the Choir have toured abroad visiting Nice and Üblingen, and in 2015 the Chorus Pictor choir came to York Minster to celebrate Sankta Lucia. The Choir cooperate with professional musicians and solists every year, usually when performing the larger classical pieces by Bach, Händel, Mozart, Brahms etc. They also do joint concerts with other choirs during the year.

Photo: Anna Alberius – Wittenberg, May 2019

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